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Graphviz Dot File

Graphviz Dot File is a text file format used by the Graphviz software to represent graphs.

Main usage

Graphviz Dot File is mainly used for creating and visualizing graphs, diagrams, and networks.

    Main features

  • Graphs can be represented in a variety of ways
  • Graphs can be saved in a variety of formats
  • Graphs can be manipulated and edited


X BitMap

X BitMap (XBM) is an image file format used to store monochrome (1 bit) bitmap digital images in a text-based X Window System environment.

Main usage

XBM is commonly used for simple graphics such as icons and logos, and is supported by a wide range of image editing programs.

    Main features

  • 1-bit monochrome bitmap
  • Text-based
  • Compact